My husband and I try to prioritize the little ways we can connect as a couple regardless of how busy we get, but once we started date nights at least once or twice a month we have noticed a stronger difference in our marriage.

The one little thing that makes the biggest difference in a marriage!

Is your marriage missing this simple necessity?

It wasn’t always this way though. When my husband used to travel for work full time, the physical distance created by the travel led to us both feeling emotionally disconnected most of the time too. Oh it was not good, friends. Not good at all. But we learned alot and were reminded of many basic fundamentals that a healthy marriage is built upon.

We all know (yet easily forget) one key ingredient in the recipe for a happy marriage is touch.  Have you ever noticed the happy cycle that looks alot like this?  Touch leads to feeling happier and more connected in your marriage and feeling more emotionally connected leads to more frequent physical connection?

Is Your Marriage Missing This Simple Necessity?


Would you believe men who kiss their wives before work live 5 years longer, make 20-30% more money and are far less likely to get in a car accident?  Stunning fact right there, according to the The Science of Kissing.

Indeed, “A ten-year psychology study undertaken in Germany during the 1980s found that men who kissed their wives before leaving for work lived, on average, five years longer, earning 20 to 30 percent more than peers who left without a peck good-bye. The researchers also reported that not kissing one’s wife before leaving in the morning increased the possibility of a car accident by 50 percent.

Psychologists do not believe it’s the kiss itself that accounts for the difference but rather that kissers were likely to begin the day with a positive attitude, leading to a healthier lifestyle.” – source


Ever since I read about the oh-so-awesome 2 minute hug here and here, my husband and I have made a regular habit of indulging in this deeply connecting ritual.  If you’ve never learned about why this hug is truly the best, click on over to those links and give it a go tonight!  Your marriage may never be the same  🙂

Everything Else

Alright, we’re keeping it G rated here friends. I mean, c’mon – my kids read my blog!  😉

What to do if you and your spouse are currently separated like my husband and I used to be much of the time?  Or if you or your hubby are feeling less than sure, ready, or enthused for most any reason?  Start with prayer and end with lots of ‘practicing’ when you are together – after all physical connection really does lead to emotional connection, and emotional connection leads to more physical connection!  It works and it can only get better!

I recently found this quote and I LOVE it! “Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work as a wife with excellence.” – Unknown

Have a great day and go love on your husband with excellence!  😉