Today I’m going to share my typical day-in-the-life essential oil routine to lend some insight into how these potent plant concentrates can deeply enhance your everyday life.  If you’re not sure exactly what essential oils are, you’ll want to start here first. For more background on why I started using oils in my home, check out this post too!

Learn how to transform your home and your health with this day-in-the-life routine of a daily essential oiler user

You know the silly saying, “there’s an app for that!” right?  Well there is also an oil for that too  😉  Just think about all of the little annoyances and challenges you often face, whether immunity, mood, stress, body discomfort, {or anything} related … well the amazing thing is, there is an essential oil that can help ease coping with all this and much more!

A little backstory and my background

For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in all things wellness and the power of plants. Though I’m no MD or nutritionist, I’ve ready many books on optimal health and nutrition and even used to read Prevention magazine for fun (when I had more spare time) haha!  Once I learned about essential oils about a year and a half ago, it was only natural to understand and respect plants as a God-given gift that are here for our benefit – I mean really, just try and wrap your mind around how amazing it is that we’ve already been given so much of what we need to live comfortably here on Earth, through plants alone!

Once my eyes were opened to the incomparable advantages of using essential oils in and around my home, I wanted to learn more as quickly as I could.  So I grabbed a few great reference books like this one, this one, and this one, and plan to never stop learning!  In the meantime, myself and my whole family have easily integrated them into our daily routines in soooo many ways. Let me tell you about a few of them on a typical day in our household.

A day in the life of an “Oily” Family

Every day is a bit different of course, but there are definitely ways I use my oils that I inevitably come back to again & again!  Here are a few of my favorite ways to start my morning  🙂


A few drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil in a glass of water and Peppermint Vitality essential oil in coffee or other Warm Drink are so yummy and good for you!  I cannot encourage you enough to research the benefits of consuming therapeutic grade essential oils, but I can only attest to the quality of Young Living’s FDA approved therapeutic grade oils for dietary consumption.

Considered the world leader, Young Living is also the oldest existing essential oil company on Earth. This is just one reason why I chose this company and another is their Seed to Seal promise – you won’t find anything else like it anywhere!

Young Living Vitality Dietary essential oils

Next up, I usually diffuse an uplifting and energizing blend to help the kids and I get moving. We each have our favorites, so what we choose tends to vary day to day.  A few morning favorites include Transformation blend, Christmas Spirit blend, or anything from the Citrus family.

Some days I make a breakfast shake and add one of our dietary oils to it for an extra health boost.  For example, if I was using Young Living’s Pure Protein Powder that morning – instead of making my Chocolate Strawberry Shake recipe, I could hold the strawberries and add Peppermint Vitality oil instead to give it a mint-chip taste for a healthy shake that tastes like dessert.


Next up, I hop in the shower and get dressed!  Young Living makes Shampoo, Conditioner, (and most any other body & personal care product you can imagine), but my all time favorites to use in the shower are Orange Blossom Facial Wash and Satin Facial Scrub – they smell sooo good and make my face so soft with zero chemicals!  Plant power for the win!


I often like to wear a diffuser necklace so I can get the health boosting benefits of essential oils just under my nose throughout the whole day.  Here’s a picture of my daughter and I with two of our favorites from the Curated Carrot 🙂  The pink and coral are so perfect for Spring and Summer!

FullSizeRender (57)

Often one of the kids will have a skin issue or boo boo of some kind even before lunchtime – you know the drill, moms!  This Rose Ointment or Lavender, the “swiss army knife” of essential oils is usually my go-to for these moments.  Or it may be my husband needing support for aching muscles so I run to my oily stash for the oil or item best suited for the need.  Some of his favorites are Ortho Sport Massage Oil, Cool Azul Sports Gel, or one of our MANY ache reducing essential oils. Sometimes an all natural, toxin free massage is in order, right in the middle of the day  🙂

Young Living actually carries so much more than just the oils though – each product is essential oil infused and plant based, and I love that!!  There are now even FDA approved products that are classified as over the counter drugs from Young Living – this is huge because the FDA doesn’t typically touch or approved of much in the health & wellness area!


Our afternoon is likely to include more diffusing, especially on homeschool days – many days we need all the help we can get when it comes to supporting focus, motivation, and good moods haha!

Sometimes I’ll get a load or two of laundry done at this point in the day, when I’m really on top of things… if only I could figure out how to do this more often hahah!  But when I do, I love adding a few drops of an uplifting essential oil to my dryer balls that naturally scent and separate my laundry for extra fresh, dry clothes in the dryer.  Be sure to click through to read how to cut your laundry drying time by 40% and scent your laundry naturally too!

13342929_10153682799501048_8491488598030314590_n (1)

We may have an essential oil infused meal for lunch or dinner and oily snacks like this one are nutritious and delicious – therefore utterly necessary  😉  I cook with Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Ginger and more alot. If you find yourself having to throw out spices that have expired, you might want to check out Young Living’s culinary collection.  All of the oils are free of fillers, preservatives, and any other chemicals – best of all, they never expire!

In the evening, we start setting the tone for rest and relaxation whenever we are home with a relaxing blend in the diffuser – there are sooo many to choose from!  I also love the Tranquil roll-on blend from Young Living so much, I never want to be without it!  In the fall, winter, and most of the Springtime, I always oil up the bottom of my kids’ feet with the incredible immune boosting blend known as Thieves essential oil – do your research and you’ll discover how important this one is too!


Before bed (and some morning’s on my more ambitious days), I always incorporate my oils and other products into my nightly beauty routine. Sometimes I’ll use one of my DIY blends I’ve made up, like my Redness Reducing Serum or apply skin supporting oils straight (like Manuka and Tea Tree) to my face and neck. Other nights, I’ll use one of my many pre-packaged products from Young Living, like the ART Beauty System, Sheerlume, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream for ridiculously soft skin  🙂

I usually put Cedarwood or Vetiver on the bottom of my feet (where the largest pores in the body are) for epic sleep and then I’m off to dreamland!  So there you have it – a day in the life showing just a few ways we use our oils throughout the day, every day.

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You can also get another peek into a day in the life routine using essential oils right here from my blogger friend Jaimi at the Stay at Home Mom Survival Guide.

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