If you’re anything like me, you’re probably reminded almost daily that it really is the little things in life…. especially in the summer!

Sure, it’s easy for any of us to get caught up thinking we’re “doing it wrong” when we see the Joneses holding a perfectly polished bake sale or lemonade stand to raise money for charity and we still have volunteering with the kids on last year’s to-do list. Or maybe the comparison game starts when your child tells you about the camp little Johnny Jones gets to attend while your kids are still at home, at each others throats every day.

But at some point, reality sets in and a blessed reminder comes that there really is a certain magic that can only be found in the mundane moments of life when boredom strikes. That’s when creativity and initiative have room to grow. Suddenly there is no choice but to learn to coexist and cooperate with siblings.

There is margin to be found along the edges of daily life. Necessity is the mother of invention, just as they say, so projects are taking shape and life skills are being learned!

This is why it’s so important to make space for the simple things!  Twenty years from now, your child won’t have the slightest memory of which friend got to go where on their summer vacation. But she will remember the small things that make life big!  So let’s embrace opportunities for backyard campouts, outdoor movie nights, or a bonfire – just because.

Ten years from now, your child won’t remember which of their friends got to go where on their summer vacation. But she WILL remember the small moments that make life big! Not only that, but resisting the temptation to overschedule leaves room for kids' cooperation, creativity, critical thinking, and ingenuity to develop. Read more here on how to cultivate these traits while creating lifelong memories with your kids this summer :) ‪#‎poweringsummer‬ ‪#‎sponsored‬

If you’re a Mom, Aunt, Grandma, or any similar form of superwoman, being active and having fun with your family while keeping the kids safe after dark is likely on your mind lately.  You’re in good company! Summertime is always the perfect time to experience the great outdoors, but especially when we let life revolve around the home as the center of family life.

We recently did a backyard bonfire night with our Energizer gear and had a great time just looking at the stars, pointing out constellations, and practicing the fine art of conversation. Whether you’re camping under the stars or playing flashlight tag in the backyard, Energizer’s high performance headlights are just what you need for epic adventures – many of which require two hands. And sometimes you just wanna be hands-free for extra chill relaxing time like we had here 🙂

IMG_0021 IMG_0009 IMG_0019

When you’re planning your summertime outdoor adventures, you don’t want to forget the batteries!  That’s why we’re bringing you a special giveaway here on the blog, so you can enter to win your own battery supply AND the same folding lantern and headlight that we used for our backyard bonfire night!

BLOG GIVEAWAY PRIZE PACK DETAILS approximate retail value $90 – (enter below):

  • One Energizer® Fusion LED Folding Lantern – Energizer area lanterns are the safe, reliable way to provide bright 360° light long into the night, at the camp fire, or while weathering a storm.
  • One Energizer® Vision HD + Focus LED Headlight – Energizer headlights are lightweight, versatile and water resistant with pivoting functionality to direct light where you need it.
  • Two packs of Energizer® EcoAdvanced® AA and AAA Batteries – Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ batteries are the world’s first AA and AAA battery made with four percent recycled batteries.


Read on for more details on these awesome tools to help you light up the night for your own backyard adventures!  Enter to win by clicking right here!

Energizer® Vision HD+ Focus LED Headlight

  • Highest Performing of the Energizer vision headlights
  • 250 lumen output
  • Beam distance of 80M
  • Digital focus feature allows users to customize the light to the desired
  • Water and impact resistant up to 1 meter width

Energizer® Fusion LED Folding Lantern

  • 330 lumen output
  • Light fusion technology panel folds up for 360 degree delivering vibrant
  • Sturdy stand on back of lantern allows for hands-free use
  • Two modes: high and low plus smart dimming technology for
  • uniform area lighting
  • customizable light output


Know someone who could use a little encouragement to get outside this summer?  Be sure to share this giveaway with them… sharing is caring!  Here’s to enjoying a simple summer, taking time for what matters most!  Thanks to Energizer for sponsoring this post  🙂