I want to tell you about my new favorite way to detox – an absolutely amazing DIY face mask using apple cider vinegar and activated charcoal!  I’m not talking the kind of charcoal your hubby uses on the grill, I’m talking about the kind of charcoal you can use in your everyday beauty routine!  The list of things activated charcoal is good for is so long, there are even whole books about it, like this one  🙂

So you may have read about the many uses for essential oils in your personal care, cleaning routine, and more here on the blog – but like me, you may be still learning about the dozens of other products they pair well with in pursuit of DIY bliss … I mean who doesn’t love ditching toxins while saving money, right?

As women, we are constantly exposing our bodies to chemicals through our largest organ – our skin!  Think of every product that touches your skin each day and what all that product contains (ingredient labels are your friend)!  Are you ready for an all natural detox?  Me too!

Naturally Detoxifying DIY Face Mask Recipe with apple cider vinegar, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and essential oils!

All Natural DIY Face Mask Ingredients

Mix all ingredients until smooth, smear on face, chill for 30 minutes while it hardens. You won’t be able to talk, eat, or drink – it’s okay, it’s totally normal  😉  Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Admire your stunning, all natural glow and simply bask in feeling beautiful from the inside out!

It’s normal to experience redness afterwards because this incredibly detoxifying mask increases circulation. The redness quickly dissipates, revealing RADIANT skin in it’s place!  To find out why I chose Young Living therapeutic essential oils to make for DIYs like this (and much more), head over here next!  Cheers to coming clean and getting healthy!