Have you ever wondered whether all essential oils are created equally?  You’re about to find out… here is why I chose Young Living Essential Oils!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about all things wellness… I even read Prevention magazine for fun as a teenager ????  I used to be a certified nursing assistant and when I scored 100% on the CNA certification exam, my mom was convinced I should go on to become a nurse someday ???? But I didn’t, because I wasn’t interested in ‘sick care’ – I was interested in ‘well care’ ????

I truly believe it’s no accident that we are surrounded by hundreds of different plants our bodies need to care for hundreds of different issues! That has always made sense to me. But it wasn’t until I took the time to educate myself more on the power of the oils inside of these plants that everything really clicked for me.

How Young Living essential oils are differentI finally realized what a huge gift essential oils are and wanted to share that knowledge with others. How could I keep that to myself anymore than we women instinctively spread the word on the latest killer sale at Target, right? Us gals need to stick together – we need each other for so many reasons, including when we need help with tummy troubles, sleep struggles, mood management, immune support, DIY gift ideas… all the things! I have found all this and so much more through Young Living essential oils & oil infused products.

How Young Living essential oils are differentI consider it a blessing & a privilege to share – after all, from whom much is given, much will be expected. And this journey truly has given us so much – most of all hope! This has created an amazing ripple effect as I watch that hope spread ????????  Just yesterday, I talked to a woman near tears as she shared how her hope has been restored as she’s experienced great success using oils to calm symptoms following her daughter’s traumatic injury.

Everyone’s story is different but the hope restored is just as powerful! As a family, we have been creating a chemical free home as we’ve ditched our old toxin filled products and switched to plant based products from Young Living and you can find that same freedom too!

How Young Living essential oils are differentI love that essential oils are finally becoming more well known, (considering they’ve been around for thousands of years), so that more people can achieve their health goals, but I think it’s of paramount importance that you understand not all oils are created equally – far from it!

Drug stores, convenience home stores, (and more) around the country are coming out with their own line of essential oils these days. What many don’t realize is that these oils are the McDonalds of oils, so to speak. They will do for your body what McDonalds “nutrition” does for your body – nothing good!

If you are truly interested in essential oils, please, please, please don’t settle for “fast food oils.” Don’t buy oils from a company that has jumped on the bandwagon to make a quick buck by sourcing from brokers with chemical synthetics – which negates all the tremendous ways unadulterated, therapeutic essential oils would benefit your body.

How Young Living essential oils are differentYoung Living essential oils are not available in stores – Young Living chose this business model quite deliberately. The teenager at your local health foods store cannot educate you and provide you with a community for support and resources. When you become a Young Living member, you get a whole team of people who will guide and support you ­at no extra cost.

Young Living has been passionately distilling their own essential oils and growing their own plants on their own farms for over 22 years and their proprietary Seed to Seal process guarantees the purity that you and your kids deserve. I recently got to see this unique process in action at Young Living’s Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah and I can tell you firsthand that it’s extremely eye-opening and humbling to witness the production of the highest quality essential oils in the world from the first and oldest global essential oils company, Young Living. Do yourself a favor and learn more about the Seed to Seal process right here  🙂

How Young Living essential oils are differentHow Young Living essential oils are differentHow Young Living essential oils are different

You can learn much more eye opening information about how Young Living is different here in this video!

Did you know Young Living offers a wholesale membership just like Costco or Sam’s Club? The only difference is you get a lot of extra wholesale membership benefits *without* paying a membership fee, like you do at other wholesale clubs. In fact all you do is SAVE. You save 24-44% on all purchases with your wholesale membership, AND you save on shipping with our rewards program, for life – in addition to accumulating points good towards free products through the Young Living rewards program.  

It’s so easy to experience all this for yourself and I’ll personally gift you lots of free reference resources just to make it even easier to get started!  I’ll also get you connected with a free e-course to learn at your own pace and groups to learn and get your questions answered. Get all the details right here on the blog and feel free to comment here with questions or email anytime at sybil@shelivesfree.com ????

Why I chose Young Living Essential Oils and details about my experience at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah

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