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New Year, New Goals

We waded through miles of deep waters last year, as a family. Then as 2016 was nearing it’s end, things started growing ever harder. That all started with the passing of our beloved family dog, Daisy. Ever since then, we’ve been just trying to keep our heads above water through those increasingly deep waters.

Yet we know each of those challenges has been planned for a purpose and we’ve worked to be intentional about looking ahead. Believing the best is yet to come, we felt more convicted than ever about creating some big goals for 2017 – including everything from fitness and financial goals to faith and family goals.

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I knew my health goals needed to include more time for meal planning and portion control. It’s all to easy for a work at home mom blogger and educator to graze off and on throughout the day and have no idea how things are really adding up.  Enter, Jenny Craig. When I was approached to try out their program for 2 weeks, it seemed like a no brainer because Jenny Craig takes care of your meal planning and portion control for you!  Love being able to ‘hit the easy button’ like this!

The program takes a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management, focusing on food, body and mind. I love that with Jenny Craig, you always have someone there to cheer you on, motivate you, and help keep you on track 🙂

New Year, New GoalsWith the support of your dedicated, personal consultant to help you navigate life’s more ‘tempting’ situations, success is even easier.

  • For members who don’t live near a center, Jenny Craig Anywhere offers one-on-one support through consultations over the phone or via video chat.
  • Each week, your Consultant will work with you on your menu, discuss any challenges from the previous week and determine a plan for the week ahead.  Plus, your consultant will keep track of your success with weekly weigh-ins and teach you how to self-monitor
  • Consultants provide education on portion control, healthy eating habits and teach members strategies such as how to combine delicious Jenny Craig Meals and Snacks with Fresh & Free Additions that are rich in water and fiber to keep them feeling full longer with fewer calories.New Year, New Goals

I am loving the convenience of the grab and go meals stocked in my freezer and pantry and am looking forward to getting a taste of the Jenny Craig plan over my 2 weeks of my sneak peek as a partner blogger. Those of you have followed along for awhile now here on the blog know how important whole body health and wellness is to me and something I write about often here at She Lives Free. Check back next time for “part 2” when I’ll describe my experience after the conclusion of my Jenny Craig trial!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.