Have oils, will travel ????   Since late last summer, these last few months have been full of much more travel than usual for me. It started with our super exciting, second ever week long family vacation to Orlando, Florida. The first time was a week in Port Clinton, Ohio in 2012 – the same area we later came back to when we spent the weekend at Lake Erie several times over Bloggy Con weekend!

Aside from those blog conference weekends, I haven’t traveled much myself or with my family in any way since then up until our week in Orlando this past summer. Ever since, the trips I’ve been a part of have really picked up and I know it will continue to be that way going forward!  So it became more and more important to me to pack strategically so I always had the most important essentials I never wanted to leave home without!  I have learned firsthand just how much I never want to be without my Young Living products especially, no matter where I am.

Here are some of my top travel must-haves:
– YL Peppermint oil for motion sickness, head tension, bug tamers, or tummy troubles.
– YL Lemon oil for an all natural energy boost and detox.
– YL lip balm. Super portable and handy!
– YL Thieves hand purifier and spray, because germs!
– A cute bag to tote along with me ????

Amazingly, those are just a few – just the tip of the iceberg!  There are sooo many oils and oil infused products that I use every day and would want to take them ALL with me if I could, no matter where I go!

Have oils, will travel!

Right after that week in Orlando in August 2016, I flew solo to Utah in Sept/Oct 2016 for a free trip I was awarded from Young Living, then it was onto Fall break at Brian’s parents’ lake house in GA, a week in Savannah accompanying Brian at his work conference, then most recently I flew solo for a long weekend with my closest work coworkers at a business conference called Infuse in Orlando!


When you love the south and all it represents, but you’re not sure how many spiders you’ll encounter and you’ve always been somewhat spider-phobic, your mind quickly starts in on some “creative problem solving” using your trusty oils, which you have with you, of course. Good thing your Peppermint would work well to deter spiders AND the giant “palmetto bugs” which you suddenly remember Florida is known for as well. I do hear they don’t go down without a fight. I mean, I even read the FL roaches are known to chase you and bite. Lol. I may seriously need to rethink my life goals of moving down south. This whole trip was just FULL of opportunities to oil up and be brave!!


I had some obstacles that almost prevented me from going to the Infuse conference but I’m so glad my husband had my back and made sure I felt incredibly supported to go regardless of all that could have held me back! Wow, I would’ve missed out on SO much.

Ironically, one of the obstacles was my own outlook. I love my home and my people so much and I truly just live in the present moment to such a great degree that I sometimes still struggle to leave home, funny as it sounds. We did take an extended family trip my parents brought everybody on a few years ago where I felt so similarly. At first I almost felt like I didn’t want to go, but then I quickly started to feel like I never wanted to come back! So funny how the mind works sometimes! Hope that inspires you next time you have the opportunity to choose between fear and faith!

FullSizeRender (63)FullSizeRender (64)

We ended up having the most wonderful time away of bonding and professional development!  I even got to read a magazine on the flight down – I mean wow, this never happens 😉  Also? I haven’t had a window seat on a flight since I was a child, so flying home in an empty row, staring straight out the window was a real highlight. It was so fun watching the plane’s shadow getting bigger and bigger, the closer we got to landing!

IMG_0878IMG_0881 (1)

My amazing husband even cleaned the house with the girls and made a gourmet welcome home dinner to surprise me!  And my sweet, thoughtful Emma made the same welcome home sign that she makes for anyone who ever takes a trip without her  😉  I’m a lucky girl!!


If you haven’t yet, you can read all about why I’m so passionate about Young Living and see how I use my oils every day and even join me to learn more at your own pace, right here on Facebook!

I’d love to hear about your favorite travel essentials and what oils you’d never want to be without while you’re traveling!  Thanks for visiting 🙂