Human nature is to ‘steer where we stare’ … ever noticed that?

Where are you fixing your eyes today?

Do you focus on the highlight reels of others, rather than the messy, broken, beautiful REAL in your own life?

Do you find yourself dwelling on all that feels wrong in your marriage, to the exclusion of all that is right?

Do you spend so much time thinking about what needs changing in other people’s hearts, that you fail to notice what needs changing in your own?

Been there, done it all. Maybe even every day. But I know awareness is the first step and action is the next. 

So rather than wallow in all that wasted time, I choose to fix my eyes on HOPE.

I can do this. You can do this. Not by our own strength, but His strength, which is so much greater 🙏🏻

Photo is of a hopeful scene from my neighborhood at which I STARED today 👇🏻❤️