Well, you’ve done your research, you have your essential oils, and you can’t wait to use them (and if you haven’t click here ????). But now what? Are oils really just for roll-ons and diffusers? I’ve got some good news for you- essential oil uses are just as creative as you are, whether you’re the DIY diva or the quick-and-easy queen!

Creative ways to use essential oils

There are many different, fun ways to use your new favorite oils; making your own perfume, letting your kids make scented slime, or whipping up a batch of sugar scrub, but hold on to your horses ’cause were about to get even more fun than that. Yes, I said even more fun!


1 – EO on the Go

Essential Oils go bag

A personal tote bag of essential oils and goodies? Sounds like heaven! All you need is a tote bag like this Jesus Coffee Oils bag or this custom one made by Canary & Co. and some of your must-have oils and products. Here are some of my must-haves:

  • Thieves Hand Purifier – we all know what this one is for!
  • Lavender – bumps, bruises, cuts, and bug bites
  • Theives Roll-On – fighting germs before exposure
  • A personal diffuser – keep reading for ideas!
  • Young Living Bug Spray – nobody likes those pesky mosquitoes
  • Ningxia Red Packets – for a quick energy boost
  • And of course, your mini tote! I love Canary & Co.’s tote options because of the perfect sizing for go-bag usage. You can even use the code SHELIVESFREE for 10% off on their Etsy shop. Score!

After you’ve gathered all of that and some of your other favorite Young Living products, all you need to do is put it in a bag and bam! You have your very own essential oil go-bag, and you’re totally prepared to handle whatever life decides to throw at you.

2 – Oily Jewelry

Essential Oils diffuser jewelry

This is one of the more popular ways to use your essential oils- and for good reason! Not only is it a gorgeous fashion statement to complement your outfit, but the leather and/or lava beads will hold the scent of your favorite oil all day long. There are many different types of diffuser jewelry out there, but my personal favorite is earrings. They hang right around where you would put perfume and the styles are typically more diverse!

If you’re interested in making your own, all you need is some leather, scissors, ear wires, and some creativity! Just cut the leather into your desired shape and attach the ear wires using a needle to punch the hole and a jump ring to put it on.

If you’re not really the DIY type, you can find bunches of pre-made earrings all over. Canary & Co., for example, has 5 unique styles of leather earrings that I just adore. Their earrings are all handmade and made of high-quality vegan leather, so you always know you will be receiving a well-made item. You can use the SHELIVESFREE 10% off code on these, too!


Aren’t those so cute? You can find those same ones here. The best part is the functionality; your favorite oils will stay with you all day long.

3 – Accessories for Essential Oils

Accessories for essential oils

There are many types of oily swag that you can get to show off your love for essential oils because really, they’re life-changing! You can find anything from stickers to diffuser holders to essential oil bottle labels, but here are some of our favorites:

There are tons more out there; this is just a sampling! Even searching ‘essential oil’ on Etsy will bring up tons of t-shirts, bags, and more.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, I hope you’ve learned something new about all the possibilities that come with your oils! If you would like to learn more about what essential oils are, be sure to check out this post.

Happy oiling! -Sybil