Last night, Brian told me there was a funeral he planned to attend today for a relative who had passed away.

I noticed he didn’t ask me to join him, let alone take for granted I would be there.

If he wasn’t constantly showering me with love and affection every day, I might have thought something of this lol. But I know better.

So it really got me thinking about the power of habits. For many years, we did life mostly separately. Many big moments, little moments, and everything in between were experienced apart.

This was not planned or by choice but it nonetheless created this usual routine of going our own way in life. As they say, old habits die hard. Thus, we are still working through this one year after his full time work travel ended.

Habits can become so deeply ingrained that we sometimes respond out of them by default, almost like muscle memory. Except habits are all about the brain’s memory.

Emma took this picture once we were back home tonight and I thought I’d save it as a little reminder of the beauty of change.

We can ALL change. Habits may speak to our past but they don’t get the final word in our future without our consent. We can even rewire our brain’s habits and thinking, thanks to the magic of neuroplasticity.

There can even come a time we find ourselves laughing without fear of the future, thanks to our God who writes us a better story than we ever could have ❤

If you too, are interested in the power of habits, there is an amazing book I’ve read I would recommend to anyone… and guess what, its called THE POWER OF HABIT 😁

There are also some excellent books that explain neuroplasticity in layman’s terms – some of which are by Dr. Caroline Leaf. My favorite is called Switch on Your Brain.

Ok, so tell me – can you relate in any way? And have you read any great books on these topics too? Or which ones are on your to-read list?