There’s just something about Emma’s garden… always reminding us of the promise of new growth and renewal 🙌🏻

We planted it in March this year, not long after Emma’s hospitalization. We saw it as not only a metaphor, but a visual reminder that there is always something to hope in, plan for and look forward to.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” 

Just as we hoped, it did help spark Emma’s sense of purpose, even early in her recovery. 

And it’s like a gift that keeps on giving – yesterday, we discovered this nest of baby bunnies in the garden! 

It may seem a humorously ironic place for bunnies to grow right beside her lettuce, but Emma couldn’t be happier to welcome them in their new home (at least for now)!

And of course I felt the same – and just a bit awestruck at this magical garden continuing to produce such great gifts! Nature is so generous 🥬💛🥦☀️