“I’m so behind”

The words that pierce like shots fired into weary hearts at Christmastime.

Hearts already feeling worn, well before the calendar’s page turned to December.

The hustle and bustle of this season can be so easy to get caught up in. The seemingly never ending list of to-dos can steal the peace and hope that is the actual point of Christmas.

If you’re not careful, the perceived pressure to do, be, and give it all can run you ragged before Christmas Day even arrives.

That’s why this year, Christmas is living in my heart with a new dimension and intention.

I’m opting out of shiny opportunities in order to make space for closeness with my Savior.

I’ve always been a “yes-man” type of girl but I’m practicing saying no to good things so I can give my best yes to the most important thing. 

I’m just tired this year. Tired of the spirit of Christmas being turned into something to DO rather than something to BE. 

Yes, be. To truly embody, from the inside out.

I’m ready for my heart and my home to reflect that. 

Hence, my perfectly imperfect letterboard.

And if I happen to run into you in these next couple weeks, I hope to give you a half missed high five, a too tight hug, a sloppy kiss, or an apology.

And I sure as heck promise not to ask how you’re doing on your shopping 😉

Maybe we can even go Christmas caroling and sing off key. But no promises, so we leave room to give our best yes where it matters most 😉

If you’re ready for the same but need a permission slip, consider it done! This is it. Merry Christmas! May the peace and hope of King Jesus be yours this season.