Slime is one of the best rainy day (or any day) activities for all kids, toddler to teen! The only problem with scented slime is that most of the scents we would put in them are jam-packed with toxic chemicals. Some recipes use hand gel, lotion, or synthetic fragrances to scent their slime.

Unfortunately, the chemicals used in these products are actually linked to many health problems – one of the worst being cancer! Who would willingly want to expose anyone, let alone their kids, to that? Know better, do better! Luckily, we have a simple slime-scenting alternative to avoid these toxic chemicals.DIY Scented Slime

The solution is Young Living essential oils! Young Living is the only EO brand that uses the Seed to Seal standard. They guarantee the purity of their essential oils from start to finish of the production process. You’re probably thinking “Why use such a high-quality product for scenting slime of all things?” Well, in short, other brands of essential oils use fillers. This means they are diluted; they don’t smell as strong or work in the same way.

YL’s oils only require about 1-2 drops of oil for about 1 cup of slime. Given that there are about 75 drops of oil in the smallest size bottle, it’s definitely worth it. You can learn more about Young Living oils here  🙂


DIY Scented Slime


  • 1 Cup of glue
  • A pinch of borax
  • 1/2 Cup of warm water
  • 1-2 Drops essential oil
  • Mix-ins such as glitter or paint

Optional: Instead of using borax and water, use a pinch of baking soda and squirt in a bit contact solution little by little until the desired consistency is reached.



1. Measure out 1 cup of glue and place in a large cup or bowl

2. Add borax to water and stir until dissolved



3. Little by little, add the borax-water mixture to the glue


4. When the mixture starts to thicken enough, begin to knead with your hands, adding more activator if needed


5. Add your favorite essential oils along with glitter, paint, or anything else you would like to add!




It’s that easy! So what do you think? Will you be giving this a try? Let me know in the comments below…