Did you know May is mental health awareness month? Yep… so let’s talk about it!

As some of you may have seen, we decided to get real and vulnerable in sharing the details of my daughter’s mental health journey after her attempted suicide last year. 

Because as they say, don’t waste your pain. If sharing your story could help others and help redeem your pain, then why not, right? Or at least everyone in my family believes it’s better than the alternative of everyone suffering in silence.

Here’s my blog post about what led us here: Road to Recovery

My family strongly believes that mental health is just as important as physical health and we need to start a national conversation around it… and keep it going! So I wrote a childrens book, illustrated by my 18 year old daughter to help be a part of the change we wish to see. 

It’s called Sunshine In Her Soul and was born out of my experience raising her and helping her through depression recovery. While the suggested age range is 6-10 years old, truly any age range can benefit from this empowering message!

This book is meant to facilitate discussions between children and their caregivers, therapists, and teachers about what it means to feel sad or anxious, and how we can grow through those feelings. Our prayer is for this book to help kids develop healthy boundaries, resiliency, and hope for the future.

Pre-order is now available via Kickstarter and you can find all details here, including various rewards and special bundles we have available: http://kck.st/3F3C8EK

I decided to self-publish to get this book’s timely message out into the world much faster than I could have otherwise. 

Self-publishing meant I needed an effective platform for both pre-ordering and ordering. To be honest, Kickstarter was not my platform of choice, nor was it my idea. It was my daughter’s. Once she heard about it, she felt strongly it was the way to go. 

And the thing is, I wrote my book for Emma. And every child like her. And every child who will ever need to read it, far into the future.

So I said yes to getting vulnerable, to stepping out on faith… again. Big, bold, sometimes exhausting faith. Lol.

So we did this thing. We launched it on May 1st. We had a great start but also have a loooong way to go. 

And just when I was getting nervous about how on earth we’re going to reach enough pre-orders in time, this week’s news reminded me of our purpose. 

I saw too many more faces lost to the silent epidemic plaguing our nation. And they represent so many thousands more, literally all around us. 

This is our WHY. Why we created our book, why we said yes to local and national news appearance requests, why I show up in private messages for parents who need to talk.

Because my daughter’s life was spared. And we were given an assignment. To do our part to help impact the lives of people walking out the same terrifying road we did. 

Some of you reading this are currently walking that road. Some of you will be in the future but don’t know it yet. Some of you never will but people close to you will.

It affects us all.  Pre-order here if you feel called to join us: http://kck.st/3F3C8EK

Thank you so much for your support! It takes a village and we’re so thankful you’re a part of ours!