Emma update ✍🏻

Six months ago, Emma graduated high school after 13 years of homeschooling.

Five months ago, she recovered from an extended illness, after a year of intense work to heal a number of chronic physical and mental health challenges, throughout 2021.

Four months ago, she started her first job as a cybersecurity analyst for a local technology company. Homeschooling was the gamechanger that made this possible at 18 years old because she took only cybersecurity classes for all electives.

Two months ago, she got her second work certification and is now working on her third, to become a certified ethical hacker.

One month ago, she submitted files for a childrens book she illustrated and formatted herself.

This weekend, she gets to hold that book in her hand for the first time. Our sample book has arrived in the mail and we will show you guys very soon! As soon as we approve the sample, mass production starts and the remainder of the books will arrive in an *estimated* 83 days later.

I couldn’t be more proud of this girl or more grateful to watch God’s plans for her unfold!