I always had a feeling I’d write a children’s book one day. But I never would have guessed it would come from my experience helping my daughter through depression recovery after her suicide attempt.

Emma is doing so well now and she wants to help as many people as possible going through what she did or help reach them before depression ever takes root. So she blessed me with her support to write Sunshine In Her Soul and decided to illustrate our book herself! 

We are so incredibly thankful for all who helped this book become a reality! And we are so thankful to God for turning our trials into our testimony! Never give up hope He can do the same for you too 🙏🏻 

Our prayer is for this book to help young children develop healthy boundaries, resiliency, and hope for the future.

Our sample book has arrived and we are expecting your copies of Sunshine in Her Soul in February 2023 🥲🙌🏻☀️

Keep following along as we share more and be on the lookout for a new website coming soon. We have reserved Sunshineinhersoul.com

for this special book to have a home of it’s own on the web. Read more about our journey of bringing Sunshine In Her Soul book to print and stay

tuned – we will keep you updated! Thank you so so much for your love and support!