We have an exciting book update for you guys today! 

Books will arrive next month…. in just a few WEEKS! So I’ll be sharing more as it gets closer. But I have a couple special things for today.

We have 86 books to donate, all thanks to our generous kickstarter backers! So all backers will soon receive a survey so you can suggest local childrens hospitals, ministries, or any other location that serves children that you would like to see benefit. Keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts when you receive it. Then we will keep you updated on where those 86 books will be donated!

Many have asked how they could order our book once the Kickstarter ended. So we now have a website up and running, thanks to our incredibly talented daughter Emma, who also illustrated Sunshine In Her Soul herself! Pre-orders are available there now, so check it out! We can’t wait to hear what you think of the website 🙂 www.sunshineinhersoul.com

 Where it says shipping anticipated for March, this is for this next round of pre-orders, NOT the books already spoken for, which were pre-ordered by our kickstarter backers. Those will go out next month, in February!

Sunshine In Her Soul Synopsis

Emma is a young girl with a big heart and big purpose. She carries God’s light with her wherever she goes, and she uses it to connect with friends and family in meaningful ways. In Sunshine in Her Soul, we follow Emma as she shares her light and later loses sight of where it came from. She thinks that if she helps enough people, her light would grow brighter on its own, but instead, it just gets dimmer and dimmer. She falls into a pattern of striving in her own strength. Little by little, she gives her light away until one day it’s nearly gone and darkness begins to overtake her. Emma ultimately realizes that she can’t live without the light she was created to have, and she learns that God is the real source of her inner light – not her.

Sunshine In Her Soul Book
Sunshine In Her Soul Book

You can read about how this book came to be right here. Please follow along with our journey to get this book into the hands of kids who need it. It would mean the world to us if you would pre-order or share with someone with kids in their life who need to read Sunshine In Her Soul. Thank you!!