Our youngest daughter just got married and we are swimming in all the feels … and photos. I’m sharing some of them, based on moments and snapshots in time.

There are so many emotional moments for any parent on their child’s wedding day. But there may be one that takes the cake…

For a mom, watching the father daughter dance isn’t just about the tear jerking scene in front of her as it plays out.

It’s also about all the scenes from all the days that made up all the years that led them to this very moment.

Watching her grow
Fighting for her
Snuggling her
Cheering her on
Praying for her
Trusting God with her
Surrendering her
Learning to love her from afar

The holy weight of it all comes crashing in but when you look up and see how many people are crying with you and almost glimpse the scenes their minds are playing too, you are reminded of the beauty of humanity. And you remember we’re all just walking each other home. Even if our journeys next leg takes us in different directions.