Hey there, I’m Sybil

My name is Sybil Brun and I am a wife, homeschooling mom of two, wellness enthusiast, blogger, author, coach, and soon-to-be-counselor.

I’m a huge fan of sunshine, beaches, and all things summer! I also love people, cats, dancing, hiking, and volunteering. I collect quotes, memories, and holistic health research like it’s my job!

A few years ago, I fell in love with life and health coaching what I discovered what a solution-oriented approach it is to helping people. I am passionate about encouraging people to claim their God-given freedom to move forward and change their lives for the better!

More of my Story

Coaching is my heartbeat.

My Masters degree is in Counseling, but what I love about coaching is that it’s super actionable, short term, and hope infused. Counseling is more about looking back into the past and coaching is more about looking forward into the future!

I love encouraging and empowering people in entrepreneurship and I’m equally passionate about holistic wellness and intentional living so I dearly love working with my health and life coaching clients as well!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about all things wellness… I even read Prevention magazine for fun as a teenager!  I used to be a certified nursing assistant and when I scored 100% on the CNA certification exam, my mom was convinced I should go on to become a nurse someday.

But I didn’t, because I wasn’t interested in ‘sick care’ – I was interested in ‘well care’.  I truly believe it’s no accident that we are surrounded by hundreds of different plants our bodies need to care for hundreds of different issues!

I have found all this and so much more through Young Living essential oils & oil-infused products. I consider it a blessing & a privilege to share – after all, from whom much is given, much will be expected. And this journey truly has given us so much – most of all hope! This has created an amazing ripple effect as I watch that hope spread.

Everyone’s story is different but the hope restored is just as powerful! As a family, we have eliminated harsh chemicals from our home and switched to plant-based products from Young Living and I can help you find that same freedom or work with you via customized coaching. Read on to learn more about how we can partner together!

More of my faves


I'm married to my high school sweetheart


I have 3 adorable cats


I love house plants and gardening


My guilty pleasure is dancing like no one's watching


My favorite drink is an iced matcha latte


I can´t live without my Jesus


Root Cause Remedy Coaching Programs

1:1 Personalized Coaching

I offer a variety of coaching packages to meet your needs. We can meet remotely on your preferred online platform or we can meet in person if you are local to me.

Holistic Health Education

As a longtime wellness enthusiast, I often share free educational content here on the blog, as well as provide health coaching for my coaching clients working on goals in this area.

Group Coaching

I also facilitate a variety of groups for support and networking that are an option for you too. These take place on a rotating basis, with a waiting list available between group sessions.


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