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Sunshine In Her Soul Pre-Order

Did you know May is mental health awareness month? Yep… so let’s talk about it! As some of you may have seen, we decided to get real and vulnerable in sharing the details of my daughter’s mental health journey after her attempted suicide last year.  Because as...

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Dear Unlikely Homeschooling Mom

A letter to all the moms like myself, who never expected to be homeschooling their kids .... Dear new homeschooling mom,⁣ I imagine you're likely feeling frazzled, as though you’re being pulled in way too many directions, and you may be super overwhelmed right now.⁣...

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A Wounded Healer’s Journey

When your days are consumed with helping others, it can be easy to miss how very much you’re in need of help yourself. It wasn’t until after one of my closest friend’s child died this past August that I was finally triggered past the point of my own resistance to get...

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Sunshine In Her Soul Book Launch

OUR BOOKS HAVE ARRIVED!! Two years (to the month) after Emma’s light nearly went out, it’s now shining brighter than ever. And Emma’s light is about to spread even further I have almost no words for this full circle moment. Just THANK YOU to all those of you who...

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