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As a forever kid-at-heart who still loves playing games with my own kids, I absolutely believe kids don’t grow out of the need for any & all expressions of our love as fast as we may think they do.  If my mom had put notes in my lunch all the way through high school graduation, I absolutely would have welcomed it  😉

That’s one reason we still use a prize bucket routine around here and now we are trying out some new lunchbox love notes!  Any child would appreciate knowing they are remembered and cherished, even when they are not around. What a great way to remind them with the simple act of slipping a note in with their lunch, whether they leave home for school, or even if they’re homeschooled.

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

Parenting has never been an easy gig, especially today with so many kids trading in the time honored practice of passing notes for texting.  They’re passing up the ice cream truck and neighborhood flashlight tag for social media younger and younger these days.

That’s one reason I want to embrace the art of paper communication that much more so!  Even if it may sometimes feel harder to pursue our kids’ hearts, they need our pursuing as much as ever!

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

Do you love quotes as much as I do?  I remember soaking up the wisdom in so many compelling quotes since I was just a child.  That’s why I wanted to offer a way for you to share the same with your kids (or even your students)!

I think enclosing one of these notes in with our kids’ lunches is a simple but profound way to pour into them as part of a daily routine.  That’s why we’ll be creating 20 a month for She Lives Free subscribers – one for every school day of the month (in a 4 week month).

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

These colorful notes will be sent out at the beginning of each month to help you love on your kiddos without spending any extra time or money – just subscribe, download, and print 🙂  It’s that easy!

You can even write your own handwritten message on the back of each note to your child, if you choose.  Either way, your child will find some good food for thought tucked in alongside his or her food each day!

You can encourage your child to use his or her quote of the day as a conversation starter with other kids around the table. Your son or daughter may even choose to pass on his or her note to a sad or lonely child who needs encouragement.

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

My hope is to hit the easy button in a fix and forget it sort of way.  I want you to be empowered to start a new school day tradition your child will remember long after high school graduation!  But let’s get real – I know you have a million things on your mind and a to do list so long you feel like you’re drowning some days.

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

I totally get it – I’m there too!  We Mamas need to stick together!  That’s why I want to share these notes with you I’ll be giving my own kids too.  Just a fun little way to spread some sunshine and say give back to my wonderful blog subscribers  🙂  Grab yours by subscribing via email at the bottom of this post or on the sidebar to your right and find them in your email inbox on the first of every month!  (starting November 1st)  🙂

Lunchbox notes for kids - FREE download!

I’d love to hear if you decide to integrate these lunchbox love notes into your kids’ school day routine.  Be on the lookout for brand new notes for each new month and be sure to share the love with a friend you know would appreciate this simple way to love on her kids too!  Click here to see our free printable quotes to inspire kindness  🙂

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    1. Yes! Thank you for pointing that out — I was thinking the same, how much I as an adult would appreciate receiving these or love to give them to other grown ups as well! We never grow out of our need for encouragement and inspiration!

  1. I love this! I recently started writing notes in my husband’s lunches. I found that some days, it would be hard to connect and read the bible together. So on one side, I write down a bible verse and the other side I write down a little love note. It’s given me such joy and I know that it’s something my husband looks forward to every afternoon.

  2. Oh, this is beautiful! I need these quotes, and I have no doubt any child would be better for reading them and for passing them on to someone who may be lonely. I used to write my oldest two love notes and draw them pictures even for holidays, if rarely. I don’t think I’ve done it once for my youngest two. You have given me the inspiration to change that. This is lovely and a generous thing for you to do for others. Thanks!

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