Easy Ideas to Create Luxurious Gifts on a Budget + Free Printables

What if I told you that you could easily save at least 50% (if not much more) on every average priced gift you ever buy from a typical store?  I’m talking birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, new baby gifts, graduation gifts, Christmas gifts, and every other type of gift imaginable!  Getting sucked into the overpriced yet underused gifts we often feel compelled to buy is not the only way – far from it.  That’s why I’m sharing my secret for saving time and money with handmade, heartfelt gifts for every budget.  It’s so easy and economical to create luxurious gifts for both males and females, of any age. Read on for a free printable gift organizer and a free printable list of DIY recipes and instructions to get you started today!Free Printable Gift Organizer and Free Printable DIY Gift Instructions

I am so passionate about encouraging and equipping women in any area of life, and that includes creating optimal physical and emotional health. I have watched lives change for the better as I’ve watched friends and family members learn to integrate Young Living essential oils into their daily lives. I shared the story of how my family and I have done the same, right here on She Lives Free. These oils and essential oil infused products have revolutionized our gift giving for the long term, along with every other aspect of our lives.

Here are your guides to saving time and money with meaningful handmade gifts anyone can make quickly and easily. First up is your printable PDF full of DIY recipes!  I suggest printing this front to back and laminating it or hole punching it and binding it like a book for permanent usage.

How to create easy, luxurious DIY gifts on a budget

Simply click here to download your free DIY recipes mini-book!  Next, click here to download your free printable gift list organizer so you can keep track of what you are making for whom.  If you’d like to learn more about gift giving on a dime, read up on how I save hundreds of dollars every Christmas with DIY gifts. Ready to get your DIY on?  Save this post on Pinterest with the pinnable image below, so you know right where to find it when you need it  🙂

Free Printable Gift Organizer and Free Printable DIY Gift Instructions for Easy & Economical Gifts from the Heart