Young Living Essential Rewards Program

Are you confused by the Young Living Essential Rewards program? Don’t worry, you’re in good company because it baffles plenty of people when they first sign up!

It’s good that you’re taking the time to research it now though because there are no downsides to the Essential Rewards program and the sooner you sign up the better off you’ll be.

So grab a drink and I’ll walk you through it…

Are you missing out on free essential oils?

Essential Rewards 101

In a nutshell the Essential Rewards (ER) program rewards you with discounted shipping and free points that you can collect and then redeem for essential oils and other products. Oh and if you spend a certain amount each month you can qualify for the free product of the month!

In order to join the ER program you need to be a wholesale member of Young Living. This program is not available to retail customers.

How much does it cost to join the program?

Nothing, zilch, nada. It’s free to join, and you can cancel at any time and go back to buying your products as and when you want to (but you would lose the perks of the program).

Is there a minimum order?

Yep, you need to order a minimum of 50PV each month to be an ER member.

Do I have to order the same thing every month?

Nope. You can change the items in your shopping cart each month, and you can even change the date your items ship. You just need to login to the Virtual Office to make the changes.

Are there only certain products I can order through ER?

Nope – You can order whatever products you like through ER. There are some special ER only bundles though that let you save even more money. You can see them in your product brochure or online in the Virtual Office.

What are the benefits?

  • Discounted shipping
  • Priority over non ER members when product stocks are low
  • You earn points on each order to put towards free oils: Months 1-6 – earn 10% back in points, Months 7-12 earn 15% back in points. From month 13 onwards you earn 20% back in points!
  • Free products. In addition to being able to redeem your points for free products Young Living gives away products to ER members each month if you spend a certain amount of PV in your order. Check the Virtual Offer for this months’ freebies.

In addition to these benefits, if you are taking advantage of Young Living’s referral program to earn bonuses and commissions by signing up your friends and family, or running a Young Living business, then placing a 100PV ER order each month qualifies you for additional bonuses.

And you’re sure there is no catch?

Yep. Sounds kinda crazy, but it’s true! You can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you, and you can skip one month out of every 12 if you need to.

How do I join?

Just login to your account and click on the Essential Rewards tab to place your first order.

If you don’t have a wholesale member account yet just click over here, and I’ll show you how to set one up.  If you have questions – I’m always available at or through the Solopreneur Startup Lounge on Facebook  🙂